About Annie Bergin

The journey of five thousand miles

Annie Bergin was born in the North East of Scotland, across the Firth of Forth from Edinburgh. As a child she was always creative and remembers the day she crafted her first short story in school. Barely five or six years old, when all the other children were given free time to play or draw, Annie worked with her teacher to write the story (since her teacher was the only one who knew how to spell all the words). Though she has no memory now of what the adventure was they wrote, she never forgot the excitement of creating it, and from that day wanted nothing more than to write.

It was when she moved west to a town outside of Glasgow that she discovered her love of acting.

At the tender age of 10 years old, Annie was cast as both Grandma Georgina and an Oompa Loompa in the local amateur production of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. As the youngest, and smallest, member of the cast, her Oompa Loompa character was the comedian of each scene and Annie still remembers the experience fondly.

Through high school, Annie worked in many amateur productions, and later earned a BA in Publishing Studies from the Robert Gordon University, in Aberdeen, Scotland. From there she continued her pursuit of acting through various amateur productions in children's and musical theater.

In 2004 she was in a music video alongside David Gedge of The Wedding Present, which they filmed in Edinburgh.

Life in America

In 2005, Annie married John Bergin. It was a beautiful day.

Since being in America, Annie has had opportunity to hone her acting skills through workshops and classes at Act Now, The Casting Network, and TVI (to name but a few), working with the likes of Mark Teschner who she credits with giving her new insight and understanding into connecting with the character, Todd Sherry who reminded her it's ok to be weird, and Mark Atteberry who helped Annie embrace her uniqueness.

Through all this, Annie has also been working on her book, The Hideaway, a novel that started almost by accident when a colleague at work asked her for "something interesting to read".

Random Facts

Annie loves Supernatural. In fact, it was wanting to see J2 in person that persuaded her to cast aside her introvert tendencies and sign up for Comic Con. It was worth it.

Annie's heroes are Dick Van Dyke, Captain America, and Hawkeye.

There are many tattoos strategically located about her person, including a forearm piece, a half sleeve, and a hummingbird on her left foot. She also has multiple ear piercings. That being said, Annie hates needles.

Due in large part to Jared Padalecki's honesty about his struggles with depression, Annie made the decision to no longer hide from her own story. After posting a blog post called Live in the lower case, she added an Always Keep Fighting tattoo to her collection, as a constant reminder of her inner strength, and her promise to never give up.

She legally changed her name to Annie Mae Bergin on August 11th, 2010, deciding that her 'known as' name should also be her actual name.

Annie isn't short for anything.

If Annie was short for something, it would be Annabelle.